About us

Global Source Trading L.L.C is an ISO-9001 certified company, based in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Well-funded financially, we are driven by our competence to procure and proffer services and products within the fringes of deadlines for the hectic flush of today’s markets. GST is one of the largest suppliers of analytical needs and solutions to some of the most esteemed, best reputed organizations in the country.

With a qualified, experienced and dedicated team of specialists, we undertake complete turnkey projects. A typical model of our project would begin at the design of a laboratory and end with the installation and training of laboratory equipments, and post-sales services. We design, install, customize and furnish the laboratory, according to specific needs, and supply and install all laboratory equipments.

Here is an overview of our distributions and marketings:

  • Laboratory Glassware, Chemicals & Apparatus
  • Laboratory Instruments & Equipments
  • Spectroscopy products (UV, AAS, ICP, ICP-MS)
  • Chromatography Products (HPLC, GC, GC-MS, GC-MS-MS, Columns)
  • Life Sciences (Genetic Screening /Analysis , Monoclonal Antibodies ,Cell –Biology Detection Kits ,Sample Preparation for genetic Analysis, Software for Prediction, PCR)
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Sample Preparation System (Microwave Digestion, Headspace Auto sampler)
  • Protein Analysis, Fat Analysis
  • Furniture and Fume cupboard
  • Medical Equipments
  • Consumables and spare parts etc.
  • Laboratory Weighing & Analytical equipments
  • Educational Trainers
  • Environmental Monitoring Equipments (Off line & on line)
  • Customer Training Programs (HACCP, FOOD TRAINING, ISO CERTIFICATION)
  • Reverse Osmosis (R.O). Technology
  • STP Design & Maintenance
  • Material Science (Physical Testing, Polymer Testing)
  • Industrial Chemicals

We have also striven to expand our boundaries and grow laterally as well, with new forays into lucrative markets in Oman. Constant progression and a self-regulated business evolution have brought us to where we stand today—a highly visible key-player in the businesses of our region.

Global Source Trading is associated with MRS Scientific UK Ltd. Managed by experienced professionals, the company has established several franchisee networks in various countries and renders uniform standards of quality products and service. We also have diversified interest in other areas of Marketing and Service and currently have attained the stature of a marketing house with immense potentials.

We have established our presence in this market for over 12 years now.

Prompt, committed services from our end have resulted in some major turnkey projects, like our project in Salalah, Oman, in which we have designed and installed the complete laboratory for the Salalah Methanol Company during 2008-2009. We have also designed and installed the complete furniture at different PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) locations in Mina Al Fahal, Yibal, Karnlam & Nimir and have also supplied and installed instruments like ICP, Micro GC, and Petroleum testing instruments as per ASTM standards.

Products and Services :
Today’s corporate world revolves around the need and priority of customers. In order to maintain a high degree of quality and reliability we have a wide network of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide that helps us to keep to our commitment of right quality product and service at competitive prices. Our objective is to introduce and update on the latest technological advancements to our clients and facilitate them with more efficient resources. We are proud to unveil our areas of expertise.

Scientific Products Division :

  • General Laboratory Equipments, Reagents, Chemicals, Glasswares & Apparatus
  • Lab Furniture
  • Raw Bio-Pharmaceutical Bulk Chemicals and Ingredients.
  • Medical Therapeutic Equipments
  • Diagnostic Equipments
  • Surgical Apparatus
  • Health Care Products and Food Supplements
  • Medical Equipments


GST extends its responsibility to provide after sales services, individually tailored to our customer’s needs. Site preparation and consultancy, installation and onsite training, and warranty support are some of the many services that we offer.

Our experienced service engineers are trained to conduct comprehensive installation as well as optimize performance of the instruments purchased. All the engineering required is carried out in accordance with international standards like ASTM, UOP, EPSA and USP.

In addition, GST also offers annual service contracts that are specially designed to include a range of benefits. Customers can choose from the Premium, Classic or Standard service contracts that will enhance productivity, minimize downtime and maximize the return on investment.