Gram Bioline

Gram Commercial has applied all its vast range of refrigeration and freezer know-how to providing the ultimate in meticulously controlled, highly dependable biostorage.

Gram design the BioLine range with all the missioncritical components and systems to exceptional specifications,and with every detail super-optimised to tackle the exceptional demands of discerning bioscience customers.

Gram focus on making BioLine cabinets and systems supremely reliable, so you can be sure of keeping delicate,high-value bioscience materials under perfect conditions at all times, with a minimum of effort or concern.

Products and Applications

  • BioMidi
    The interior sides are made of aluminium or stainless steel. BioMidi cabinets are available as full-height units with capacities of 425 or 625 litres. Refrigerators +2/+15°C and freezers -25/-5 °C and -40/-5°C
  • Bio Compact II
    Bio Compact II cabinets are available both as full-height cabinets and under-the-counter models, with capacities of 125, 250, 346 or 583 litres. Refrigerators +2/15°C and freezers -25/5 °C.
  • BioCompact
    The BioComapct is a general-purpose cabinet that features. BioCompact cabinets are available with capacities of 125, 250 or 346 liters. Refrigerators +2/+15°C and freezers -25/5°C
  • BioBlood
    The interior fittings are specially designed for strong blood, plasma and other products used in blood bank operations. Capacities: 425-1400 litres. Refrigerators +2/+6 °C, freezers -25/-5 °C, -35/-5 °C and -40/-5 °C.


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