Information is your lab’s biggest asset. Our LIMS helps you guarantee its integrity and enhance its value.

If your lab is like most, you will be faced with the need to manage larger volumes of data, while complying with stricter regulations and achieving higher quality and efficiency levels. In other words, your lab is a complex operation with many functions and priorities. It requires a LIMS that can multitask, a LIMS like STARLIMS.

Our LIMS is designed to help you meet all your information management objectives, and it is the cornerstone of the STARLIMS web-based platform for unified laboratory informatics. Our award-winning web-based LIMS is the system you need to:

  • Manage complex processes
  • Take the headache away from regulatory compliance
  • Give users exactly the information they need, at the right time and in the right format.

Implement the systematic procedures necessary to ensure regulatory and legal compliance.

Hundreds of labs and organizations rely on STARLIMS to guarantee regulatory compliance and adherence to SOPs. STARLIMS makes it more convenient than ever to:

  • Document that a sample was appropriately handled and that the analysis was performed by a properly trained, qualified technician.
  • Store and manage equipment and maintenance histories
  • Validate analytical methods.
  • Enhance the credibility of testing practices and data quality to customers and regulatory authorities, and accelerate the validation process.

Give your team members the information they need, when and how they need it, to make decisions faster and more accurately.

Regardless of the range, volume and complexity of the data you produce, STARLIMS gives you a complete picture of the processes and products of your lab. We present it in intuitive graphic formats, so users can quickly understand and respond to emerging trends and other essential information.

Validate once; deploy globally.

Once you are satisfied with the configuration of your STARLIMS solution, you can instantly deploy it worldwide. Authorized users can access the information they need, using a standard web browser and with no need for software downloads.

Contact us to discuss how our LIMS can help you to enhance the value of the information produced by your lab.