Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics offers a broad portfolio of performance-driven diagnostic solutions that provide more effective ways to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of disease. Siemens spectrum of equipments include immunoassay, chemistry, hematology, molecular, urinalysis, and blood gas testing systems, in conjunction with automation, informatics and services.

Products and Applications

Immunoassay Systems

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics offers fully automated immunoassay platforms and a comprehensive, diseasefocused menu in excess of 100 tests, to deliver powerful productivity and efficiency, providing better medical information to clinicians.

ADVIA Centaur XP Immunoassay System

Enchanced productivity to meet peak workloads with optimal sample processing and a high level of efficiency

IMMULITE 1000 Immunoassay System

The IMMULITE® 1000 system is a small bench top immunoassay analyzer.The extensive menu, low cost
of operation, reliability, and ease of use makes this system a great choice for laboratories with low-volume immunoassay tests.

ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System

The ADVIA Centaur® CP Immunoassay System is a mid-volume,high-throughput bench top system that enhances your in-house test capability. With its broad menu and short Turn Around Times (TAT), you can do more — without compromising efficiency, productivity,or quality. And it features the superior sensitivity and specificity you expect of Chemiluminescent with Advanced Acridinium Ester Technology.

IMMULITE 2000 XPi Immunoassay System

The highly reliable IMMULITE® 2000 XPi system is easy to use and has one of the largest automated immunoassay menus available.Medium- to high-volume laboratories can incorporate specialty and allergy testing into routine workloads to improve productivity and efficiency.


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